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Bachelor of Arts (Honours Degree)

This programme provides students with the opportunity to develop managerial skills and

knowledge necessary to succeed in fast-changing and challenging international industries. As well as being able to gain an advanced understanding of hospitality and tourism management, students will be guided in improving their ability to evaluate, analyse and to apply their knowledge in innovative ways.

International Business Strategy

The international environment is complicated by pressure for business to globalise, to overcome cultural barriers and to accept high levels of risk in some markets. This module aims to provide students with an understanding of the challenges of international business and of the strategic issues facing businesses.

Developing Business Practice

The transition into learning at a new level poses all students a differing level of challenge. The aim of this module is to ensure students have a clear understanding of the requirements of the final year of undergraduate study and provides them with a range of skills that will enable them to navigate their programme of study with the greatest chance of success.

International Marketing Strategy

This module introduces students to the various aspects of international marketing with the principal objective of developing skills in the identification, analysis and solution of problems encountered in international marketing theories and the development of international marketing strategies.

Hospitality and Tourism management
 Top-up Modules

Semester 1

International Hospitality and Tourism Management Top-Up focuses on strategic management

subjects taught in the context of hospitality and tourism, with expert academic support given to

the students during their chosen final project.

Semester 2

Tourism Destination Management

The focus of this module is on the application of strategic analysis to international tourism. The module explores tourism from a variety of

perspectives and encourages an integrative and systematic approach to strategy development for the various sectors of the industry. In applying the

principles of environmental scanning, analysis and the strategy development process to tourism, this module emphasizes the role and importance of strategic thinking for the management of tourism. This module will also examine various tourism planning approaches and discuss the role of tourism planning within the context of destination development.

International Hospitality Operation Management

Building on the basic principles of operations management, this module examines the operations decisions that managers face in controlling their resources and delivering services to their customers.

The module combines a unique practical approach with a detailed theoretical underpinning and provides tools, frameworks and techniques

for operational analysis and improvement in hospitality management. The module sets operations management within the wider hospitality business context, bringing a valuable ‘real world’ perspective to the study of service

strategies for hospitality management .

Business research project

Coventry University is committed to ensuring students have ‘a real business experience’. A key element of this is the opportunity to gain work experience and have the chance to put theory into practice in a real business environment. This can be in any area of business (including sales and marketing, finance and human resource management). Students may choose the area of work.

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